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Feelin’ Like David Wells

Loudon County, Virginia

September 9, 2020

The past six months have been hard on most of us. As for me, I came back East with high expectations of working out every day and eating a low calorie-density diet. On both counts I have been a sine wave, good for a bit, not so good for longer than a bit.

Today I broke out the bike and did a 14 mile ride on the W&OD. Cycling is a good alternative to walking, and it felt good. North of the x-axis.

At least until my hands went numb and my seat cut off circulation. But then I saw this pretty barn (I believe it is actually a house).

That quick stop returned the bloodanntnued onward.

Thought this was a fun photo.

I‘m a good sore right now. Looking forward to dinner - this one will be healthy. Salmon, sweet potato, cucumbers and spinach. Maybe a cup of Chardonnay?

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