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Ferndale To Eureka To Trinadad To Orleans To Happy Camp

Happy Camp, California

June 9, 2021

Yesterday turned into a longer drive than I had planned. I drove through Eureka without stopping. I gather I missed a nice old town area. As you will read below, it is the largest city for quite a ways so the main drag that I was on was replete with Walmart, Target, fast food places, local hotels. Picture any southern town of 30,000 people and you will get the picture.

Trinidad on the other hand was charming -- I felt as though I were in Maine. Got in a nice hike, a half order of fish & chips and some mementos for certain people.

It was about noon time and I decided to jump in and drive the three hours to Happy Camp. Three hours according to Google Maps. Factoring in stops for photos I figured I'd be here by 4:30 pm. I had not known about the construction. I arrived at 6 pm. But what a beautiful drive through the mountains. The mountains are covered with dark green and all of the drive after Willow Creek was along either the Trinity River or the Klamath River. Both cut deep gorges with the highway curving alongside the mountains following the curves of the rivers. Remote. Very remote. I saw few other vehicles for the last two hours of my drive.

I took too many photos in Trinidad and along my drive to Happy Camp. I've tried to pick out only the best to post here. Enjoy:

I gasped when I saw this photo opportunity before I left Ferndale. It reminded me of a Wendy painting. Maybe I'll get up the courage to send her a copy of this photo.

Red Sox fan in Ferndale.

Clam Beach north of Eureka on US 101.

These photos from my hike are out of order. 🤔. And I am too lazy to put them in the correct order. Note the return of the "bench shot!"

Modeling my new crab cap.

A 360 degree video from the apex of my hike.

Now it is on to Happy Camp.

I had to include this song.

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