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Four Weeks In, and It’s Time for a New Playlist

Greetings from Cherokee National Forest somewhere in Tennessee!

Had a funny experience yesterday. Somewhere in my drive I crossed from CDT to EDT. (If we have signs for when you change states or counties, shouldn’t we have signs for when you change time zones?). So I had to move my clocks forward an hour. Of course, last night we lost an hour going from EDT to EST. So I had change my clocks back to what they were when I was on CDT.

I’m afraid if I say things are going well I will sound insincere, as in would I admit things aren’t going well? So won’t say anything and hope from my blog posts you can conclude how it’s going.

I put my new playlist in rotation today. Can you identify what theme I used to make this list of tunes? Shoot your guess to

Glad to see the Wahoos outscored the Tar Heels last night. I was out of cell range so first thing this morning I got in my car and drove to find service. Was I relieved!

Today I am hiking at the site of the 1996 Olympics whitewater events. Beautiful, and remote, area.

Thanks for your friendship. I’m very lucky. 🤙

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