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Fredericksburg To Kill Devil Hills

Kill Devil Hills

February 13, 2022

Pretty darn cold here on the Outer Banks -- 42 degrees with a strong wind off the ocean. Brrrr.

I was struck by how remote the inland part of North Carolina is in this corner of the state. Cotton and peanut fields.

Fun to be at OBX this time of year -- it is quiet. The national chain stores (Publix, Food Lion, Lowes, Walmart, etc.) are open but many of the local stores appear to be closed for the season. Lots of "see you in March" signs.

I found a quaint motel on the beach (literally) in KDH to call home for the night. I have walked past this hotel before and was struck by how it located right on the beach. Not bad for $100 per night (including tax). Lots of good reviews on Google -- I missed the ones about the soft mattresses -- I'll be sleeping on the floor in my sleeping bag.

Lots of memories at OBX. Vacationed here with the kids from probably 1992 well into the 2000s. Beach vacations really are the best.

Some photos from the drive:

A wind farm near Elizabeth City:

My home for the night:

A 360 degree video:

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