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From Gary Burnison

January 8, 2023

Belief. We need to believe—in the destination, the mission, the purpose, and in ourselves. Then, we need to bring that belief to others. In fact, the leader’s job is always to deliver belief.

Authenticity. It outweighs charisma any day, in every way. We don’t have to be Churchill-like. Rather, it’s all about being vulnerable, immersed in purpose and connecting emotionally with others. The more authentic we become, the more people will trust what we say and mirror what we do.

So, what shouldn’t we put in the backpack for 2023?

Ego. It’s not your amigo. When you are overly convinced you’re this, you’re probably that. The fine line between confidence and cockiness is humbleness. Our gateway for personal growth opens with humility and self-awareness. A leader will never improve a team unless they first improve themselves.

Rigidity. Life and leadership are not linear, nor is the path to the destination. Agility rises above the rest in 2023. Plan a little, think a lot, decide always.

Just days ago, from east to west, one time zone to the next, fireworks lit up the skies as the clock struck midnight, ushering in a New Year. People everywhere came together, filled with excitement for what they hope the next 12 months will bring. But what about January 2nd … or June 2nd? The fact is, our highest leadership calling is to create a renewal of hope every day. This is not a journey measured in months and miles, but rather in milestones—celebrating each achievement along the way.

Indeed, we are at our best when we live—and lead—in the moment.

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