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Happy Camp, California

June 9, 2021

I find it frustrating when folks don't keep their websites updated. Like me. I realize there are some pages here I need to either update or get rid of -- such as "Where Is Lucian?," the Photos, and the Videos. No excuses. The way I use the blog is different than my original intent. Can you believe I thought I would post a few photos with one summary post each week. I did not envision that the blog would be a way for me to offload so much from my full mind. By full, I mean that at the end of almost every day, I am mentally tired from all that I have experienced that day.

Updating the blog is tough out here in the land of one or two bars. Fortunately this morning I was able to find the Happy Camp library, which is temporarily closed but whose wifi is still accessible. I'll update the blog pages soon. That's my story and .....

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