Fulfilling A Life-Long Dream

Vacaville, California

May 14, 2021

Ever since I was a young fox I have wanted to spend a Friday night in Vacaville, California, perhaps one of the largest cities (100,000 people) I have never heard of.

No, the reality is I am killing time until Billy Beane’s team returns home on Tuesday evening. I could not afford to stay in Napa. Let me rephrase that - I chose not to splurge on myself in Napa. Vacaville is northeast of Napa by about 30 miles. Best I can tell the city is known for its outlets. I’m enjoying the 75 degree cloudless afternoon outside on a bench. The warmth feels good after the Bay area. Not sleeping well — night sweats. Hopefully tonight will be better.

The weather forecast is for sunny skies in the Bay area on Tuesday. Hopefully that will translate into good photos of the Golden Gate Bridge and a good time at Oakland Coliseum.

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