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Love's Truck Stop

Ely, Nevada

December 10, 2022

Here I am in Ely, Nevada worrying about the snowstorm that apparently is moving this way. The important word there is "worrying." Which means that I am thinking about the future instead of washing the dishes. My amygdala is sending out thoughts (I know the amygdala does not "send out thoughts" but that how I picture my brain working) that I'll get stuck here FOREVER, that I will get a $10,000 fine for not having chains or snow tires, that I'll freeze my butt off in Hi Ho Silver and that everyone in the world will judge me for drinking two Dr Peppers today. (How everyone will know that is irrelevant to my amygdala.)

And how I'm stupid for wanting to complete my drive of US 50 across Nevada ( it is known as "the loneliest highway in the US).

Oh, and that I am the only person who doesn't have chains or snow tires. And maybe I should get a room at Motel Sick. My headache is a sign I'm getting Covid -- and not Omicron but Delta. And Scott Atlas will use ME as the example of that the vaccines didn't work.

My mind -- not always my friend. But writing this (and I did exaggerate some) has helped. I'm going to watch "Chinatown" and fall asleep early here at Loves.

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