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Funny Timing


April 15, 2024

The above observations showed up in my inbox this morning. Ironic timing as I’ve been struggling with my inner voice. I don’t weigh 165 pounds anymore. I can’t drive the golf ball 280 yards anymore. Where did all this gray hair come from? Why can’t I walk 10 miles a day, do 100 pushups, do planks for hours on end — or worse, even find the motivation to try?

My inner voice tells me no one is as f’ed up as me. I know that’s not true — at least most of the time.

Probably oversharing here. Sorry.

I’m off to the gym now , I hope. Think I’ll ride the bike long enough to burn an inch off my waist followed by lifting enough weight to get the arms of a 20 year old athlete. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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