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Palmer Park

March 12, 2022

I spent a fun afternoon watching the Wahoos' softball team battle Notre Dame. It was a beautiful afternoon and because of the weather forecast for today (snow), they played an Ernie Banks ("let's play two").

Palmer Park is a wonderful facility - beautiful field, comfortable seats and because the field is small, you feel like you are close to the action.

The Wahoos won both games. In the first game the Irish pitcher baffled the Wahoos with an amazing changeup that the gals could not figure out. UVa went into the bottom of the 7th inning down 5-2. They loaded the bases and a single brought in two runs to make the score 5-4. The next hitter stroked a walk-off homerun, the only long ball of the game. The crowd of I'm guessing 150 people loved it (well, 20 of those were ND fans so at least 130 people loved it).

In the second game, the Wahoo pitcher is a graduate of South Lakes High School in Reston, where Lucian went to high school. She was fun to watch pitch -- ND's was putting the ball in play but often for an easy out. After four innings (when I had to leave), she had only owed one run.

The Wahoos won the second game 6-1 -- a sweep of the number 24 ranked Irish.

I'm hooked -- a fast-paced fun game to watch.

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