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Give Me Actionable News

ACAC Pantops


April 1, 2023

I have been assessing my media intake recently. I know I have more free time these days, and I have spent some of that free time reading the WSJ, NYT, Fox News. and Google News. I have also fallen into the rabbit hole of YouTube "news" videos.

Is that a good use of my time?

For the most part, when I'm digesting the news, I feel spun up. Angry and frustrated are my two most common emotions. When I've stepped back, I recognize that many articles are not "news" but someone's opinion or worse yet, someone's guess as to what might happen in the future. I've also recognized that the articles don't lead me to constructive action. Knowing about robberies in Spokane -- how is that relevant to me? Jim Jordan going off on some rant -- again, no action required on my part.

My conclusion? Once again I'm going to try to limit my news intake for a bit. I'll focus on news articles that lead me to take some action -- not news articles that play with my emotions.

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