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God’s Inner Voice

June 24, 2024

I saw this truck this morning. I’m sure I have seen that Second Amendment sticker before but never really thought about. Strong alliteration! God,, guns and guts.

I contemplated all the potential messages the sticker conveys. I got stuck when I thought about which God the sticker refers to. Is it the God of the Old Testament or the God through his son Jesus in the New Testament? After pondering that question for a few minutes, it dawned on me that maybe even God deals with monkey mind. — after all, He both reacts in anger (think the flood) sometimes but then heals the sick.

Then I thought about “made America free.” America isn’t free. Being a citizen comes with costs. The costs of being involved, of being informed. Of understanding the meaning of the Constitution and what it requires of us.

Of course I understand what the intent of the sticker is regarding those three words. I don’t mean to disagree — just pointing out there are other ways of understanding them.

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