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Golden Gate Bridge To Dillon Beach, California

Dillon Beach, California

May 20, 2021

I have officially restarted my journey up the left coast. Today’s drive was all in Marin County and I felt as though I was many hours from the megaplex of the Bay Area. Two lane roads, 35 mph speed limit, beautiful country — it was serene. When I left the Golden Gate Bridge this morning all I knew was I wanted to find Route 1 and head north. I made several stops - Stinson Beach, Inverness (I made a wrong turn and ended up there), doubled back to Port Reyes, Hog Island Oyster Company near Marshall. I turned left off of the PCH to come to Dillon Beach where I came across Lawson’s Landing campground. I paid my $45 and got a campsite for tonight. Due to heavy winds (30 mph) I’ve been stuck in my truck but it is nice to take in the sunshine and salt air.

Here are three short videos to give you a sense of what my drive was like:

Hopefully this gives you a sense of the wind. This is Tomales Bay which is separated from the Pacific Ocean by Point Reyes National Seashore.

Socially active community of 700 people in Stinson Beach.

I fear this little fellow lost is arm — to a great white?


View across Tomales Bay from Inverness.

Socially active in Inverness.

At Hog Island Oyster Company.

Dillon Beach.

Campsite for the night.

Wind churned up a mean looking ocean. Perhaps I over polarized. ☹️

Campground where I staying.

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