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Golf And The People That You Will Meet


July 13

Golf is a wonderful game. It challenges you physically, mentally and emotionally. You can hit a perfect shot and your next one can fly into a pond or out of bounds. And those who say golf isn’t exercise, next time come walk six miles with me.

Perhaps the best part of golf is the people you meet. Two weeks ago Lucian and I played Meadowcreek. Our playing parters were an Olympic gold medal winner and his girlfriend. Several years ago, I joined a couple of guys on the first tee; turns out they were the pilots for Chris Collinsworth and had flown him to DC for the game that night. While I used to be hesitant about joining strangers for a round, I’m not anymore. No matter how well or poorly I play, it is always an enjoyable few hours making small talk.

I should note I have never played on a Trump-owned course.

Oh, and in the Summer Olympics next year, root for Jack Conger As he swims for the USA.


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