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Good Morning, November 10, 2022

City Park

Luray, Kansas

November 10, 2022

What the heck am I doing?

I am headed North. I know that in South Dakota the lows will be single digits (before taking into account the wind chill) and the high might be as high as 32 degrees. I know in Wall, South Dakota there is a winter weather advisory today.

But I persist. Because I want to go to Wall Drug, the Black Hills and Mout Rushmore (I gotta find out why it is named that). I kinda sorta have the clothes to deal with the cold -- as much as one can.

This area of Kansas is remote and lonely. Along State Route 18. There are micro towns with nothing more that a convenience store serving as a restaurant, gas station, hardware store and grocery store. I've seen more 18 wheels transporting cattle or grain than I have cars and pickups. Yesterday the winds blew steadily above 20 mph; last night the wind kept blowing just as hard. Reminded me of sleeping at Guadeloupe National Park.

Today's destination - North Platte, Nebraska.

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