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Goshen, Indiana To Kentwood, Michigan (Paris #51 and East Paris #52)

Zeeland, Michigan

May 24, 2022

My journey yesterday.

This posts are harder to write these days because I am visiting so many Paris' in a short period of time -- very different than, say, my trip up the Left Coast.

I'll provide so details here and will backfill with more information later.

Yesterday was a Chamber of Commerce type of day -- blue sky, 61 degrees and such lush green. There are more hardwood trees up here (than in the Plains) which divide up the cultivated farmland. Maybe it's just my awareness of being near Detroit, but I think I'm seeing many more American car brands -- especially Chevrolet.

Kentwood, Michigan was developed in an area that was part of Paris Township -- I gather Paris Township no longer exists. There is a community in Kentwood named East Paris which was another surprising find. Driving in Kentwood, which is a suburb of Grand Rapids, drove my blood pressure upwards -- I kept thinking of Joni Mitchell's song "Big Yellow Taxi" -- "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot." It was like driving in Northern Virginia -- too many cars, going too fast through nondescript developed areas. I don't want to sound negative but I did not care for it. Reminded me I want to live some place where I don't need to hop in my car to get anywhere.

My photos from yesterday -- these are out of order -- I will fix later when I have access to better WIFI.

Typical view from my drive.

There are a lot of lakes in Michigan!

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