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Green River State Park, Utah To Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

BLM Land

November 4, 2020

It took me 15 minutes to break camp. 😁 Gave my home a bath - doesn’t she look good?

Great light and sky in Green River yesterday morning. Look at there - clouds. Haven’t seen many of them.

I had a Green River cantaloupe for dinner on Monday. The smell, taste and texture were amazing.

Everyone but Google Maps said take Route 24 out of Green River. Google had a different blue highway in mind.

Ridiculous scenery.

I believe that up-cropping is part of the Swell. I need to flag this area as one to revisit I could spend a month here just exploring the terrain. Extreme weather here. Very cold in the winter and hot as hell in the summer (> 100 degrees).

After about 15 miles on tertiary roads I found Route 24. It takes right into Capitol Reef.

I still love my road shots.

If my memory is correct, the first town I came to after 50-60 miles was Hanksville. Named after a guy named Henry. Kidding. I don’t know the origin of the name.

No mask required. The clerk seemed annoyed that I was wearing mine.

Hanksville is not close to anything.

Why is Dino smirking?

To prove my point.

Can’t make up this stuff. 🤪

This was the scene of tge highlight of my day I am on BLM land here and up pulled a truck with two BLM employees They said I was a long way from home (I’m getting that a lot) and we started chatting They gave me recommendations on where to go (Route 72 - Cathedral Valley, Route 12 south and Burr Road). Confirmed I could camp anywhere on BLM land - campfire allowed. Told me that 97 percent of Wayne County is public land.

I laughed at this sign the whole state is a scenic view!

I made it!

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gorgeous photos!


Nov 05, 2020

I wish you would give some verbal commentary when you do those video clips of scenery.....

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