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Gregory Canyon, Range View and Flagstaff Trail Loop

Boulder, Colorado

December 9, 2020

Another amazing hike this afternoon. The weather was spectacular - 64 degrees and no clouds. I should clarify - 64 degrees when I was in the sun. There seems to be a 20 degree difference when I am in the shade. I've noticed that once the sun goes down here, the temperature drops quickly and then levels off.

My feet and legs are sore tonight -- the elevation gain and the rocky trail contributed to that.

A couple of things to notice in the slideshow.

  1. early on in the hike I found myself surrounded by a herd of 12-14 deer -- mostly does but three bucks. They were not afraid of me (which I think is probably bad); heck, is was probably more worried about the bucks than they were worried about me. I stood in one place for five minutes before I gingerly moved along. They just kept doing what they were doing.

  2. One part of the trail was rather vertical for 0.4 miles. I did better than last time but I found myself out of breath a couple of times. I got to the top and what did I see? A parking lot full of cars. Isn't that the way it is; you work hard thinking you are doing something macho and you get there and there are a bunch of people having picnics from their cars.

The light today was great. Almost couldn't take a bad photo.

The slideshow is about 10 minutes long -- hope you like the music, Bo-ber-ley, bo-na-na fanna, fo-fer-ley. fee fi mo-mer-ley, Shirley.

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