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Gunnison, Colorado To Ridgway State Park, Colorado

Ridgway State Park, Colorado

October 24, 2020

My daily trips are getting shorter.

I headed back here instead of going to Leadville and Boulder due to the fires around Boulder, warmer temperatures (relatively) and less snow forecasted to fall here. An overarching concern is the spike in Covid cases in Colorado, but I’m not around many people.

Last night’s low was 37 degrees. I was in my tent. I stayed pretty warm and got a reasonable night’s sleep. Tent again tonight then I suspect I’m grabbing a hotel room due to lows in the single digits.

Back to my drive yesterday. No shortage of fantastic sites. Enjoy the photos:

Reservoirs created by daming the Gunnison River.

Some of the reservoirs are quite low.

Getting close to 300k.

The Frontier Museum in Gunnison; closed for the season.

Tells You something about the Gunnison area.

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