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Hasty, Colorado To Golden, Colorado

Golden, Colorado

October 1, 2020

Boy it sure seemed like more than 229 miles! My trip on Route 50 ended in Pueblo when I jumped on Interstate 25 and headed to Denver. After driving almost 2,000 miles on a blue highway, I25 was a bit of a shock, especially just south of Colorado Springs to Denver. I could have been on I95 north of DC. Lots of traffic. Lots of development. It seemed almost like a metroplex from Colorado Springs to Denver. Couldn't help but notice how many Subaru hatchbacks had Colorado license plates. Potentially the state car?

The drive to Pueblo from Hasty was interesting. Gone were the crops from Kansas. Most grasslands and livestock. Vast but not necessarily pretty. I got the sense that folks here live a hard life with weather that can be hot as hell or cold as hell. Even in October, the sun beat down. Folks looked like they had permanently tanned skin, the kind that turns leathery as you get older.

Love this town's name.

La Junta was an interesting town. Almost a desert like environment. Major railroad depot - hauling coal. Large Hispanic population. I got the sense there is a reasonable economy here that puts food on the table and allows for a weekly trip to WalMart. Everyone was wearing a face mask.


Feeble attempt to show the kind of vehicles in the La Junta WalMart lot. Functional.

The reward for a day of driving.

Taco with wahoo was awesome; taco with shrimp was plain. Got a good serving of veggies which I have missed the past week.

Tonight I splurged and am staying at a Courtyard in Golden. Shower, shave, laundry - and a real bed! Apparently I am near Red Rocks. Pretty cool.

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