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Hatch Campground To DuBois

DuBoys, Wyoming

August 6, 2021

Highlights from today:

Drove roughly 60 miles from my campground last night to DuBois, Wyoming. As they say here, DuBois rhymes with cowboys.

It is a neat little town. Certainly nothing fancy but it has everything you need plus some fun things as you will see in the photos. I see why Cristi and Jeff rave about it.

An off day for my physically - apnea caused I believe. Lethargic. Ugh.

Did laundry, took a shower and washed the truck at one location. First time I have seen shower facilities at a laundromat. The 20 quarter, 10 minute hot shower felt great.

I’m proud of how I have managed my campsite expenses. In the last five days, I have spent a total of $9. That’s been offset by too many hats and t shirts. I’m hoping I have more control regarding those two things as I get away from tourist towns. As great as they are, I have got to put them someplace. Someone should invent freeze-dried hats.

Visited one of the two fly fishing stores in town. Fellow working there was very cool, served in the Army Airborne for almost six years. “Visited” 19 countries. Works at the fly fishing business in DuBois during fly fishing season and then back home in PA to another seasonal job for the balance of the year. He answered my dumb question - fly fishing season begins and end based on insects being active. Duh.

He suggested a boondock location at Ring Lake just outside DuBois. That’s where I am tonight along with several other campers. There’s even a head.

The Painted Hills around DuBois are themselves worth the trip. I drove up to a high point overlooking some of them as a thunderstorm was moving in so I didn’t get the best photos. But I think they are fairly good.

No breakthrough on the push-ups. I’m still in the range of 35-43 with a mode of 37 at one time. I feel stronger, fitter and straighter which is the point, right?

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