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He Said. Then He Said

May 19, 2023

So we have an IG report saying the FBI opened Operation Crossfire consistent with its procedures. And we have the Durham report saying it didn't. I guess we knew that was Durham's position when he criticized the IG report in 2019. Perhaps the Durham report explains why he found differently than the IG -- I must admit I'm not that far into the report yet. But I have read both the IG's and Durham report on the opening of the investigation and looking at the same facts, one sees white and one sees black. Pisser.

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May 18, 2023

Assuming the FBI opened the investigation properly (or not), isn't the more important issue why the FBI continued to harass the Trump Administration, and constantly leak "Russia collusion" speculation to the media, once the bureau had determined the basis for the accusation (Steele Report) was a fabrication by the Clinton political campaign? Shouldn't the FBI have validated the sources and information in the Steele Report before it began a criminal investigation? Once the FBI determined the report was a fabrication, shouldn't the FBI turned to investigate the people wasting the FBI's time by pushing it to engage in a bogus investigation and thereby influence the election? Isn't it a problem the author of the Steele Report, and those who …

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