Horseshoe Bend - I Gave Them Another $10 🤔

Page, Arizona

November 16, 2020

Yesterday while I was taking photos downstream from The Dam, I got into a conversation with a fellow from Houston who was out here seeing the sites. He convinced me that sunset would be a great time to take photos at Horseshoe Bend. Mind you, I had been there the day before and knew the sun was going to be at a bad angle and from the looks of things there wasn't going to be a cloud in the sky. But I took the bait and headed over there about 1.5 hours before sunset. The following are my photos - to some degree Photoshopped. They didn't turn out as poorly as I thought they would; then again, you are seeing the best of them. 🤪

It was worth the $10 for the atmosphere. I wouldn't say it was like a Key West sunset spectacular but it was fun to see the folks. There was a gal taking her graduation photos, folks there for a picnic, the hardcore photographers with tripods and people just climbing the rocks.

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