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“How’s That Working Out For You?”

Down The Rabbit Hole

September 14, 2020

I meant to publish this back on August 18th.

I can be compulsive. I know that’s a shock to those who know me well - and those who barely know me. 🤪 I get something in my head and it becomes my obsession. I’m digitizing approximately 300 albums - how fast can I do it? I need to get back on the Road - NOW!

I am better than I used to be. I’ve adopted a laissaz-faire approach to most activities, most of the time.

But like all of us learning a new skill, I slip back in my old ways sometimes and don’t recognize that I am.

I was talking to a friend yesterday. I was describing how I was stuck on a couple of things that are bothering me. They were distracting me from doing useful activities like walking and riding my bike.

Then he hit me with six words - “how’s that working out for you?” The sky parted, a 2x4 came down from the heavens and hit me upside my head. BOOM! I suddenly relaxed and changed my perspective.

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