Huntington, West Virginia To Bridgeport, West Virginia With A Stop To Look For A Stealth Wahoo

Bridgeport, West Virginia

August 25, 2021

It started out hot and got hotter.

How could I not stop for this photo opportunity?

Google Maps routed me into Ohio for a bit to avoid slow traffic in West Virginia.

In Mason, West Virginia.

Next stop, Wahoo. I had read the Wikipedia entry but I had not focused on the words "The exact boundaries of Wahoo are not precisely recognized." There were no signs for Wahoo so I resorted to the the geographical coordinates I found on Google.

Wahoo is an unincorporated community in Marion County, West Virginia, United States. The community is situated on the western banks of the West Fork River adjacent to the town of Monongah.

The exact boundaries of Wahoo are not precisely recognized but they generally include the Traction Park neighborhood of Monongah, the adjacent unincorporated area along the West Fork River, and portions of the adjacent unincorporated Thoburn community.

Wahoo is within the North Marion High School attendance area, with Fairmont State University and West Virginia University nearby.

Buddy and I then got to work documenting our visit to the area apparently called Wahoo.

I left a couple of "calling cards" to document our visit.

An abandoned church potentially in Wahoo.

I took a video as I drove through what I think is Wahoo.

Ironic that there was a town (place?) named White Hall near Wahoo.

And that was my visit to Wahoo, West Virginia.

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