Hurricane, Utah To Paradise (Las Vegas), Nevada

Paris Las Vegas, Nevada

November 26, 2020

I was going to make a joke about liquid, gas and solid but I'm too tired to think of one. The reason I was going to do that was I did not know I would be in three states today, I did not know that to go from Hurricane, Utah to Lost Wages, you must pass through Arizona. That is if you want to take the most direct route. I admit I drove an interstate today (I-15). To avoid the interstate my drive time would have been more than double. So I broke my rule to minimize my carbon footprint. Yeah, that's the ticket.

If I had not, I would never have seen this billboard:

I saw this sign within 10 minutes of arriving in Nevada -- welcome to our state!

My initial reaction was I'm going to Hell. I don't mind hot weather, and I think I'll have more fun there. But I'm not so sure it's a binary thing -- and I wouldn't mind coming back as a Golden Retriever. Not going to worry about it -- it's one of those "being judged" things that I don't much care for.

But let me back up. Right off the bat coming out of Hurricane I got these shots:

How would you like having this view out your back window?

I whole Hurricane to St. George area (about 16 miles) is busting with new housing developments. The classic (for out here) one-level houses that all look the same with no yard and the whole community behind a solid fence. Most of the area looks so new to me -- reminded me of a much smaller Phoenix. I am sure it makes the housing more affordable -- and that is very important. I just wonder what the areas will look like in 20 years. I think it is missing character. There is a sameness about it that doesn't appeal to me. But I sure as heck am not everyone.

Now I thought I-70 from Colorado Springs to Denver is an engineering masterpiece. The folks who cut I-15 though the Virgin River Canyon in Arizona did some pretty cool work, too. Spectacular scenery.

I'll admit this sign made me laugh out loud.

I love the lighting in this photo. The first photo is the true color of the rock (if not a bit redder). I wasn't pleased that I couldn't capture the same color when I zoomed in closer.

Buddy is back!

Somebody knows about my golf game:

Here's some video -- the dramatic part is in Utah (1:50); the boring part in Nevada (20 seconds):

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