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I Asked The Fellow At The Front Desk….

Jamestown, North Dakota

August 11, 2021

When I checked in yesterday (yes, another hotel — hard to turn down an all-in $82), he volunteered he had bought the hotel in an auction. He was living in Hawaii and put in an “really low bid” and one. He said the market is overbuilt and that he’s having to put money into the hotel to keep the Comfort Inn name.

Hmm. Good money after bad? An overbuilt hotel situation in Jamestown, North Dakota doesn’t go away quickly. Especially when some of the other hotels are part of national brands Marriott, Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn).

Asked about the weather. He said winter lasts nine months. They get snow but the issue is the cold and the wind. It was -40 degrees for a week last winter. North Dakota is a Valley in the middle of the state and the winds from Canada just roar through.

And in the summer it is dry and hot.

Hardy souls that live here.

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