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I Hope This Won’t Be Me!!


April 17, 2023

May 23 - the day of my back surgery. For several years I have had nerve pain associated with degenerative discs at L4 and L5. I managed the problem for the most part with Pilates, yoga, shots, massage and floating. But for the past two years those have provided diminishing relief. I've gone from walking six miles per day to limping to make one.

The plan is to go in through my abdomin and insert "spacers" to replace the discs that are no longer there. And then through my back to create space for the nerves, repair fractures in my vertebrae and insert hardware to support the whole mess. I hope they can do some liposuction while they are in there and maybe untwist my spine.

Of course I've gone to YouTube to discover people's experience with this surgery. Unlike Instagram and Facebook where people post "their best," there seems to be a competition on YouTube of who can post the most horrific story. I now limit my viewing to mostly surgeons describing the surgery. One yesterday made me aware that part of the pain I will feel afterwards is from the ligaments between L4 and S1 being stretched due to the spacers increasing the current minimal space between the vertabrae. I hadn't thought of that.

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