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I'm Just Tryin’ To Find Me A Pretty Smile That I Can Get Into— Today’s Song


Shamokin Dam, Pennsylvania

April 1, 2022

Yeah, burger for lunch with Diet Coke.

From Songfacts:

  • This song has an interesting history. Released as a single, it's B-side, "Black Water," became a #1 hit after DJs flipped the record and started playing that one instead. There is another reason by radio rejected "Another Park, Another Sunday," however. Doobie Brothers lead singer Tom Johnston, who wrote the song, said in a Songfacts interview, "It was doing real well, and then it got yanked off the radio for the line, 'And the radio just seems to bring me down,' because the song being played reminded me of the girl. But radio took it as, 'Oh, yeah? The radio brings you down, huh? Well, guess what?' – yank. They pulled it off the air. Which I thought was a little over the top, because at that time, 'Sweet Virginia' by the Rolling Stones was out, and they were singing about sweeping the s--t off the shoes, and that was okay."

  • According to Johnston, this song was inspired by real events. He told us: "That was based on breaking up with a girlfriend. And that's basically what that was all about. Including the park and all the rest of it."

The lyrics:

I'm sittin' in my room,

I'm starin' out my window

And I wonder where you've gone

Thinking back on the happy hours just before the dawn

Outside the wind is blowin'

It seems to call your name again

Where have you gone

City streets and lonely highways

I travel down

My car is empty and the radio just seems to bring me down

I'm just tryin' to find me

A pretty smile that I can get into

It's true, I'm lost without you

Another lonely park, another Sunday

Why is it life turns out that way

Just when you think you got a good thing

It seems to slip away

It's warm outside, no clouds are in the sky

But I need a place to go and hide

I keep it to myself

I don't want nobody else

To see me cryin' all those tears in my eyes

Another park, another Sunday

Why is it life turns out that way

Just when you think you got a good thing

It seems to slip away

Another park, another Sunday

It's dark and empty thanks to you

I got to get myself together

But it's hard to do

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Apr 01, 2022

remember the song but never associated it with the Doobies come to think of it.

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