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I'm No Socialist -- And I'm Tired Of Being Told I Am

Boulder, Colorado

January 3, 2021

I am tired of reading that the two Republican Senate candidates in Georgia are the "last line of defense" against socialism in the US. The huge majority of voters who are not card carrying Republicans support capitalism and do not support "socialism." The Georgia election is not a referendum on socialism. Talking to the voters of Georgia that way is pitiful.

Some of the press love to quote AOC because she supports their contention that the "left" is for socialism. What other second-term representative gets as much airtime? No one.

Republicans and Democrats can argue about how much government is the right amount. But socialism? Come on, man!

I'm for a divided government. Especially when our representatives have our best interest at heart, and put us ahead of party.

As a wise man once told me, don't write about politics. I'm going back to sleep......

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