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Green River, Utah

November 2, 2020

Looks like about 20 of the 40+ campsites are occupied at Green River State Park this morning. There are two tents (including mine), all varieties of fifth wheels, two Chevy vans, a VW- looking camper and several big RVs. Most are occupied by couples - I think I am the only solo player here. Lots of Colorado and Utah plates. Also a couple from Idaho and Washington and one from New York. Several from California.

Not that I thought I’d be the only person out here, but I started to wonder this morning who are these folks? What are their stories? How many are out for a fall break, how many do this full time? We come together as a community for a few hours - we wave, say hello, smile, compliment people’s dogs - but we know nothing about each other. Some folks spend one night; others of us are here for several nights. Where are we all headed?

I wonder if I will ever have the nerve to ask other campers questions such as these. Today I don’t.


I talked with my neighbors after posting this post. One couple (in a fifth wheel) live near Glacier National Park and headed south to get some warmth before winter in Montana. The other couple (in the VW-like van) are here from outside Rocky Mountain National Park. Cyclists. Came here to get away from the stress of the Colorado fires.

Wonderful to talk with both couples.


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