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This topic pisses me off. The political rhetoric on this issue is intended to mislead and inflame the discussion. How is the current definition of "encounters" helpful to anyone? Shame on Congress for not doing its job and taking steps to fix this mess. It's a sad comedy with everyone pointing fingers at someone else. The criticism of all involved (or that should be involved) is justified.

And how did our neighbors to the south end up being such awful places??

Several useful articles:

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Sep 18, 2022

I can appreciate individuals wanting to better their circumstances and looking for alternative locations to live. But i cannot condone the butting in line, failing to follow the rules, and political word gymnastics to pretend it is something it is not. It is illegal, period. Folks who do so are illegal immigrants. Follow the rules, get in line and wait your turn. After that i welcome you. And the moaning from the sanctuary states/cities when a few busloads show up, how hypocritical. I can't imagine what the border states are going through with minimal help from the Federal government. The President does not control a great deal but in this case i do hold the Biden Administration 100% responsible.

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