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Is It A Moose? Is It An Elk?

Custer, SD

November 23, 2022

Elk and moose are both a part of the deer family (Cervidae). They both have antlers that shed from November to March, they are both hunted for their mea, and their tracks are similar.

There are, however, some key differences that make them easy to distinguish. Moose are a chocolate brown color whereas elk are a light brown with a darker brown neck. Bull moose have a waddle on their neck and their antlers have flat pads in the front and traditional pointed antlers towards the back. Stags, or male elk, have several pointed antlers.

Size wise, they are similar although moose are traditionally bigger than elk. Elk, however, are much more agile than their moose friends. Elk tend to hang with groups, whereas moose are traditionally by themselves unless there is a young one with the lady.

Elk and moose have similar tracks, but moose have a more hearted-shaped hooves and elk have a more tooth-shaped track. Furthermore, because moose are heavier, their prints are deeper. The noses of both moose and elk are different as well…moose are more rounded, elk are have more pointed noses.

This is an ELK warning sign:

This is a Mister Moose warning sign:

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