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Jemez Springs, New Mexico to Lemitar, New Mexico

Socorro, New Mexico

March 15, 2020

Yesterday I drove from Jemez Springs into Albuquerque and then onto Lemitar. I had to go into Albuquerque to ship some extra clothes (yes, I still have some) to Lucian for storage, get my oil changed and hit a grocery store. It was good to get those things taken care of but it was better to get out of there. Too much sprawl for me.

Here are some of the photos I took in the Pueblo of Jemez Springs that I should not have taken.

Most of the drive from Albuquerque south was flat and without a lot of scenery. Then Google Maps tried to take me on dirt roads past "no trespassing" signs. That wasn't going to work. Without a cell signal, I went freestyle and drove along US 60. My lucky break. Breathtaking. If you ever get a chance to drive on US 60 between Mountainair (yes, that is the name of a town) and Interstate 25, especially late in the day, it is 30 miles you don't want to miss. It was so great that I drove it twice yesterday!

My home for the night.

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1 Comment
Mar 15, 2020

i like the shot of your "truck" with the other trucks!

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