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"Just Enjoy The Show"

Virginia Highlands

May 6, 2021

On my flight from LGA to ATL yesterday I got bored listening to music so I cued up Moneyball, one of the handful of movies I have purchased and keep on my iPhone. (The others being Animal House, Elf and The Martian. Oh, and The Muppets' Christmas Carol.

I had forgotten what an awesome movie it is.

One of those few sports movies where the players really look like players -- both on and off the field. Brad Pitt is great in his role as Billy Beane. Such a great example of the growth mindset and changing your paradigm. I love when he says he doesn't watch the games but sits in the clubhouse and lives and dies with each glimpse of the game that he gets. Reminds me of how many of us watch Wahoo games.

Perhaps the part I like the best is the end when his daughter sings a song to him. BOOM -- got me right in the heart. Just enjoy the show.

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