Kaiut Yoga

Boulder, Colorado

December 22, 2020

Yesterday I took an online class of Kaiut yoga. This class was different from other yoga classes I have taken. The exercises were not the usual poses -- my rear was on the ground the whole time. There were some exercises with my legs up the wall and there were some with me sitting with my legs crossed. The moves I found the hardest were seated twists; while hard, afterward I could feel how my lower back and hips were looser.

I'm going to continue taking the classes while I am in Boulder. Sure I could do stretches by myself, but there is something very helpful to me about being guided through a series of stretches.

Here's some information about Kaiut yoga:

The yoga of the ancients was designed to work with bodies that lived and grew very differently from how our modern bodies live and grow. Dwelling in caves, squatting constantly, the ancients did not spend any time in chairs. In today’s Western society we have a culture that revolves around chair sitting. We are taught to sit to learn in school. We sit to work. We sit to eat, to drive, to relax -- in fact, you’re probably sitting right now to read this.

The truth is that your bones have grown while you were sitting. Your joints were molded by the way you sat, and now the majority of alignment issues, chronic pain, injury, and dis-ease can be related back to sitting. This is the cornerstone upon which the Kaiut Yoga Method stands.

The Kaiut yoga method is a floor-based practice that utilizes gravity to unwind chronic restrictions in the joints. This practice is most easily comparable to Yin yoga in the sense that it involves long-held shapes and works with the joints. However, there are vast differences between these two styles of yoga.

In Kaiut Yoga, we hold poses and utilize finely-directed micro-engagements to release adhesions in the connective tissue, which both strengthens and opens the joints.

The results of Kaiut yoga are undeniable:

  • Chronic pain relief

  • Alleviation of inflammatory disease symptoms

  • Joint mobilization

  • Better sleep

  • Improved circulation

That’s just to name a few.

Kaiut yoga is designed for biomechanical optimization. It is a practice for all bodies, no exceptions. Tight athletes, hyper-flexible dancers, octogenarians with joint replacements, persons with chronic illness, traumatic injury survivors, and truly anyone with aches and stiffness from daily life will find juicy nourishment in this classroom.

Skip to 4:10 where they show some of the exercises.

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