Knob Noster State Park, Missouri to Spring Lake RV Resort (Halstead, Kansas)

Spring Lake RV Camping (Halstead, Kansas)

September 29, 2020

Another day of stumbling into a campground around 5 pm. I was doing my usual approach of hoping I'd see a campground sign on the highway and BOOM! Nice privately-owned place - $13 for the night for your standard no water, no electric site.

Started off just east of both Kansas City's. So of course today's song is

Made my every-other-day stop at Wally Mart to get ice, red grapes and Oscar Meyer oven roasted turkey. And some Gatorade Zero - it won't kill me, will it?

Gas just keeps getting cheaper.

Jack and KC on one sign? A must photo op.

I think they have taken this street naming convention a bit far. I'm in the boondocks.

Detoured off of Route 50 to see if I could find Paris Township, Kansas.

And I got there in a hurry!

Some true backroads.

No road signs for this Paris. So the town no longer exists but the township does. But what is a township?

Full disclosure - I could not find this sign and I looked for an hour. I even asked someone. This photo is from the internet.

Blue sky, flat roads, agriculture.

I believe the yellow outline is meant to represent a sunflower?

Just confirming that there were fields.

Route 50 is a goldmine for special days!

There is a joke here somewhere. What road to I take? Z Road.

It is hard to capture just how flat the western part of Kansas is.

The soil is black.

I know I am from the east coast but Canada doesn't border Kansas, right?

More flatness.

In what city is the cosmosphere? Newton, of course!

Home for the night. Lots of bugs. ☹️. Not going to listen to the debate tonight. I have better things to do. Like listen to crickets.

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