Lake Carlyle, Illinois to Knob Noster (Seriously) State Park, Missouri

Knob Noster State Park, Missouri

September 28, 2020

Logged about 300 miles today. Took a detour into St. Louis which was well worthwhile but is my excuse for not making it to the other Kansas City today. I didn’t even make the Jack Koester Kansas City. ☹️ But staying in Knob Noster campground so I have that going for me.

As I was checking in, a B2 bomber flew over at maybe 1,000 feet. All 20 of them are stationed next door to the park. Teenty one were made; 20 still fly.

Driving is tiring. Not sure I will give this post its fair due - I hope to explain the construction of the Gateway Arch and what the is a Knob Noster.

Some highlights. Route 50 from St Louis is about 50 miles from here reminded me of highways in Central Virginia - rolling hills and curvy. Instead of farm land, there were a lot of forests and livestock (cows and horses). Closer to Knob Noster, the topography flattened out and there were cornfields and some soybeans. it was a different feel in terms of the towns - farther apart and slightly larger - like a few thousand folks although there were a few really small hamlets. Instead of the Marathon brand gas stations of the weekend, Phillips 66 and Sinclair are the brand names. More mom and pop gas stations with no brand gasoline.

I’m listening to a great book - The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt . Recommended by my friend Don. I thought I had already read it but I was wrong. Haidt’s field of study is moral psychology. It’s great material although it is hard to concentrate on his insights has Im driving.

Here are my photos from today.

It was unfortunately really overcast.

Thought I’d do some leg lifts.

The Gateway Arch is part of a national park. How about that.

What’s it like to live in Bland? I’m guessing not too spicy.

I found freedom in Missouri.

How confused must first graders be in California, Missouri? Think there is a Missouri, California? Perhaps life really is not symmetric.

I wonder how they pronounce Beaufort out here.

Is it just me or does the shape of Missouri look a bit like the outline of Georgia?

The state Capitol in Jefferson City.

Knob Noster wasplattedin 1856. Atown in the eastern part of Washington Township, laid out in 1856 by William A. Wortham, and incorporated by act of legislature December 14, 1859. All authorities agree that the name is connected with the prominent mound or knob (or knobs) that stand isolated on the prairie near the town. The second part of the name is said to have been suggested by a school teacher, but its origin is uncertain. Eaton derives it from the Latin, interpreting the whole name as a barbarous mixture signifying "Our Knobs," an etymology which seems unlikely. Further light on the source of the name is needed. The town was removed to its present site when the Pacific Railroad was built. A post office has been in operation in Knob Noster since 1846.

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