Last Day In Sedona

Sedona, Arizona

February 5, 2021

Day 29 in Sedona. Tomorrow I head to Payson, Arizona to see the southern end of the Colorado Plateau and then on from there. I’ve been here long enough to know my way around town. I have seen a lot of beauty; the only thing I could have done more of is hiking, but I did my share of that, too.

Feeling good about moving on. Change can be hard for me — I’m actually proud of myself for embracing this one. 🤙

After being spoiled sleeping in a house the past two months, it will be fun to be back to the basics for a bit.

As my friend Jack would say, there’s a lower number of particles in the air today. These photos show the true color of the sky today. Almost makes me believe that if God’s not a Tar Heel, why is the sky Carolina Blue. Actually the blue today is darker than Carolina Blue. I’m

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