Lesson Learned

Quincy, Washington

July 27, 2021

My sister Jacquie long ago suggested that it would be fun to get post marks from the Paris’ I visit — the ones that have post offices. I sent Courtney and Lucian letters from the first few Paris’ thinking that the post mark would show Paris. They didn’t I assumed that the post marks were now done at central locations by machine so I stopped trying to get post marks.

Wrong again, Lucian.

I learned yesterday that all post offices still have post mark stamps. If asked, they will use it on your letter or if you are not mailing anything, will stamp a piece of paper as a souvenir — as the postmaster in Index, Washington did for me yesterday.

So now I have a new item on my to do list — to request post marks from the Paris’ post offices I have already visited. The date won’t be the date I was there but I can live with that.

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