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Let's Check The Scoreboard

Bend, Oregon

June 30, 2021

It is time to revisit where I am in my walkabout regarding the Paris'. The news disappoints me because I thought I had been to more:

Been to:

  1. Maine

  2. Virginia

  3. Ohio

  4. Kentucky

  5. Tennessee

  6. South Carolina

  7. Arkansas

  8. Mississippi

  9. Texas

  10. Kansas

  11. Nevada

  12. California (Perris)

  13. Oregon

Yet to:

  1. Iowa

  2. Idaho

  3. Illinois

  4. Indiana

  5. Wisconsin

  6. Wisconsin (the second one)

  7. Wisconsin (the third one)

  8. Michigan

  9. New York

  10. Iowa

  11. New Hampshire

  12. Ohio (the second París)

  13. Georgia (Swainsboro fka Paris)

  14. North Carolina (check email)

  15. North Carolina (check email))

  16. California (Loraine fka Paris)

  17. South Dakota (Beresford fka París)

  18. South Carolina (Parris Island)

  19. Pennsylvania

  20. Missouri

Paris Township may refer to:

Paris Township, Edgar County, Illinois

Paris Township, Howard County, Iowa

Paris Township, Linn County, Kansas, in Linn County, Kansas

Paris Township, Michigan, in Huron County

Paris Township, Kent County, Michigan, now the city of Kentwood

Paris Township, Stutsman County, North Dakota, in Stutsman County, North Dakota

Paris Township, Portage County, Ohio

Paris Township, Stark County, Ohio

Paris Township, Union County, Ohio

It is finally time to do some research and collect the best information I can on each one. I may do that when I am in Charlottesville in September.

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