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Living In Bend

Shooting right into the sun!

Bend, Oregon

June 30, 2021

Based on my 24 hours here, I have the following non-scientific observations about if you live here.

You are white

You are young.

Your BMI us under 10

You drive an SUV or a truck. Minis and Tesla’s are allowed but only as a second car. If you are truly hip, you never remove your rooftop carrier. Same goes for rooftop tent.

You wear a ball cap

You don’t mind getting dusty

You are affluent

You do at least four of five of these activities - skiing, paddle boarding, mountain biking, hiking, camping - at a level many would consider extreme.

You don’t wear anything giving away if or where you went to college

Your three favorite colors are pine green , sky blue and snow whit.

You pray every hour there won’t be a forest fire close by.

You have heard there is civilization outside of Bend but you pay no attention to it.

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