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Looks Like a Map of My Golf Shots

One week into my walkabout and here’s where I have travelled. The app I used to produce this map says I have driven 400 + miles; actually mileage is >1,000 miles so I’m doing something wrong! It’s been a bit wetter and colder at night than I expected; it’s been fun having to adjust to that. Tim, my “bed in the back” has been quite handy and comfortable (enough).

I have met some wonderful people, including a Spider-Man who bought me lunch in a McDonald’s drive thru. Actually I didn’t met Spider-Man - i was behind him in line and he bought my lunch. So I bought lunch for the people behind me. 🤪🤙

Paris, Ohio was an audible from my “plan” (which I don’t really have). I head to Paris, Kentucky next. But first I need to go to Cooler, Frost, Torch and Snowville, Ohio. Fortunately they are kinda, sorta on the way.

Once In A Lifetime.

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