Lost Dutchman State Park to Winslow, Arizona

Photo taken in Holbrook, Arizona

Winslow, Arizona

March 21, 2020

A bit blue that I’ve interrupted my trip but as my son pointed out, this is what anchors up really means. As we all are, I’m going to make the most of this shelter time. I have never finished Thinking Fast and Slow and time to do more planks and stretching! And I will keep blogging.

Yesterday was a bit of a backtrack on Route 60 from Apache Junction to Show Low, State Route 77 from Show Low To Holbrook and then I 40 to Winslow.

But first a story about how the day started off. The campsite next to me was a dad and his two little girls - I’m guessing in the range of six to nine years old. Dad had everything - the tent, the girls‘ bikes with those sparkly streamers off the handle bars, and fixings for s’mores (I know that because the girls were providing a running commentary). At dinner time the girls were in their snuggies.

The dad was fully engaged - expending a lot of energy keeping the girls entertained.

As we were both breaking camp yesterday, the dad and I did the guy “head nod” thing. Out of my mouth came through words, “you’re a good dad.” His response was “trying hard” and he gave me a tired smile that we all know - the one when we are trying so hard to make everything fun for everyone. I could tell he appreciated the comment.

i thought how many times I haven’t said something nice when I was thinking it, but too reserved to say anything. Kind of dumb. It is like they say about “please” and “thank you.” You can’t say them too much.

That’s a selfish story but I don’t mean it to be. It’s really just a reminder to me that the little things really can make a difference and to not hold back about being nice to others.

I hope you enjoy these photos from my drive. The canyon is the Salt River Canyon. The Salt River runs for about 200 miles from the west in Arizona toward Phoenix. This is the same canyon Zi shot the other day when it was overcast; yesterday’s light was better.

Definitely a breath-taking experience to take in that scenery.

Then it was off to Show Low and a left-hand turn onto State Route 77.

I have no explanation for this sign.

Once I got to Holbrook, Arizona, things got really strange.

Then I drove into Winslow. For that, you will need to wait for my next post. 🤪

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