Lucia To Salinas Via Paso Robies And Pinnacles National Park

Near Salinas, California

March 10, 2021

Today I drove longer than I care to in one day. I had to double back on the PCH because of the mudslide north of Lucia. Where the PCH intersects California 46, I took 46 east to pickup US 101. The drive if 46 was spectacular as it climbs the mountains bordering the ocean and then declines into a valley. US 101 from Paso Robies to Salinas is a rather boring four-lane road. It does go through a large are filled with vineyards on both sides of the highway.

I exited US 101 in Soledad to get gas. I discovered that Pinnacles National Park was a 40 minute round trip from there so I was tired from driving, I thought “anchors up” and drove to the park. Which turns out is down a one-lane road of several miles in length. Not “one way” - one lane. I met several cars going the other direction and we danced over to the shoulders so we could pass each other. I am not proud to admit that I drive into the park and right back out. I knew I had another hour of driving and I was cranky.

My campground is at a raceway sponsored by WeatherTech in Laguna Seca. Where is that? About a 20 minute drive to Carmel.

I will post a slideshow tomorrow. Until then here are a few photos from today.

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