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Lunar Eclipse And Guerneville

Johnson's Beach Campground

Guerneville, California

May 27, 2021

I was successful in rousing myself from my sleep several times last night to look at the lunar eclipse. I am glad I did. It was such a bright full moon that its light blocked out seeing many stars. But, obviously, the closer time got to the full eclipse, the brighter the stars got. It was like I was back in Texas!

I was less successful with my photography of the eclipse. I don't need my glasses during the day but of course I couldn't find them to look at the images I was taking. I put the camera in fully manual mode which is not a mode I use often. So I was bumbling around trying to focus, set the f stop and the shutter speed. I probably should have played with the ISO, too.

Anyways, you can see from these photos I was not successful except at capturing an out of focus partial eclipse. There was so little light at the full eclipse I didn't stand a chance of with it.

My setup for last night. At least I did this part before dark!

I drove around Guerneville this morning and took what I think are some fun photos.

My campsite through tonight.

Watch out for those campers! First sign like this I have seen -- that I recall.

How can you go wrong?

My trip down Memory Lane stops.

Say what?

This morning's data.

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27 mag 2021

Funny photos - great finds!

Mi piace
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