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Lyman Lake State Park, Arizona to Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area (State Park), Arizona

Fool Hollow Lake

March 17, 2020

After a couple of nights at Lyman Lake State Park on the beach, I decided to move on. Why? Well, the forecast is for 5 inches of snow tomorrow and a low of 24 degrees. I’m dedicated but not stupid. I’m headed back to the central part of the state where the forecast does not include precipitation and calls for warmer evenings.

When I checked out of Lyman Lake, I learned that New Mexico has closed all its state- run campgrounds. I guess this could get interesting. 🤪

The drive to Fool Hollow Lake today was short (45 miles) and mostly along my favorite road, US 60. The road itself is in terrible condition and I faced high gusty winds the whole drive. I’m not sure when I will get used to the scenery out here, but my mind keeps playing “wow” on a continuous loop.

I am making an assumption that this sign depicts an elk. If that is true, this is the third different version of an elk sign I have seen in the past week. I also note that there are considerably fewer cow signs in Arizona.

My choice of Fool Hollow Lake was in Part influence by the town it is near ....

Yes, Show Low, Arizona.

Here’s it’s puddah.

Show Low is a city in Navajo County, Arizona.  It lies on the Mogollon Rim in east central Arizona, at an elevation of 6,345 feet The city was established in 1870 and incorporated in 1953. According to the 2010 census, the population of the city was 10,660.

According to a legend, the city's unusual name resulted from a marathon poker game between Corydon E. Cooley and Marion Clark.

The two men were equal partners in a 100,000-acre ranch; however, the partners determined that there was not enough room for both of them in their settlement, and agreed to settle the issue over a game of "Seven Up" (with the winner taking the ranch and the loser leaving).

After the game seemed to have no winner in sight, Clark said, "If you can show low, you win." In response, Cooley turned up the deuce of clubs (the lowest possible card) and replied, "Show low it is."

As a tribute to the legend, Show Low's main street is named "Deuce of Clubs" in remembrance.

Notable residents include:

George Takei, American actor from the television series Star Trek. (Owns a vacation home in town)

Mike Furyk, American golfer Jim Furyk's father

Jesse Valencia, American author of the nonfiction book Keep Music Evil: The Brian Jonestown Massacre Story

The landscape is much more green than I have seen recently.

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Truck stops are wonderful -- each a complete universe unto itself!


Chuck. Thanks. I will look into those. Some of the National Forest campgrounds I tried last week were closed until May 1. I’ve also become fond of truck stops. 🤪



With state parks closing there is always BLM, Corps of Engineers, National Forest, and National Park land for camping!

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