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Major Events In The Bible


April 4, 2023

I appreciate this fellow's earnestness and his obvious belief in his timeline. This is the first time I have seen an analysis of the history of the Universe based on the Bible. (Guess I'm giving away my poor knowledge of the Bible.)

I further guess the reality is I'm missing the point if I disagree with him. For me, the point is there likely was (is) a creator and we call him God. When He did what He did is not of utmost importance to me -- although I tend to go with the billions years old Universe and ponder whether God meant for us to be the only living beings in the whole Universe (or perhaps Universes?). And is Universe capitalized?

And how come the Greeks, Romans, Chinese, etc. histories don't include the Bible?

Pondering things I don't understand.

Meanwhile, it's a warm night to be sleeping out!

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