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Manzanita Sunset

Mind Your Own...

Manzanita, Oregon

July 17, 2021

After golf yesterday -- and getting my car started -- I headed to the beach to see what kind of photos I could take. I still have trouble with high contrast conditions. I am a work in progress in so many ways!

That's fog.

More detail of the fog.

Those are expensive houses.

That's a wide beach.

That's my friend, a seagull.

More fog.

More gulls.

Darker sand from still being wet.

I really thought the fog was cool.


I totally confused the camera sensor apparently; I thought this turned out artsy.

I really like this one. I know WAC could paint something like this which would be cool. I really like the way sun is getting through the fog and illuminating these two people.l

Oh, dunes.

The iPhone 11 somehow can avoid having the sun blow out the image. Sun, sand, ocean, fog and mountain.

Rule 1 of photography -- don't shoot into the sun. However, in this case, I took a chance that the fog was diffusing the sunlight. I thought the photo was cool.

Barry White.

Morning light is great but evening light in awesome.

Breaking Rule 1 again, this time shooting directly into the sun. You can barely make out the figure walking along the beach. Artsy? Or trash?

The light, the width, the footprints.

As you might have figured out, I have this thing about taking photos looking down.

Nikon D500 just can't quite get the sun right; notice, I am not saying I as the user cannot get it right. 🤪

Fog enveloping rocks in the water.


Sea oats, right?

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1 comentário
18 de jul. de 2021

Love how the people look like they’re floating!

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