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March 2, 2023 (Part 3) -- Jefferson, Texas

Upon finishing my wandering around Uncertain, I wasn't sure where to head next. It was late in the day -- I noticed on my weather app that there was a chance of rain. As luck would have it, I saw that there was a town of Jefferson nearby -- although north and west of where I was heading. I rolled the dice and headed there -- and I am very glad I did. One of the most charming towns I have visited.

Just as I entered town, I received a warning from my weather app that there had been a tornado sighted in the area. While that app was blowing up with that warning, I heard a loud BOOM which scared the stuffing out of me. I was relieved to find that it was only a bunch of older gentlemen firing off a cannon at the old Jefferson post office. Apparently one firing of the cannon was insufficient as I heard at least five more BOOMs over the next few minutes -- each time thinking it was associated with the tornado. I later learned that the men were celebrating Texas Independence Day. I have now spent enough time in Texas to know that Texans are perhaps the people in the US proudest of their home state.

What makes Jefferson special -- and this is a feature shared by many of the towns I have been through that I have found charming -- is how it has maintained its older buildings and homes. Even without meeting anyone (although I did meet several), I could tell there was a real sense of pride in this town. I think from the photos, you'll see it, too.

The tornado never touched down in Jefferson, possibly in part to the impromptu prayer group I joined in at the downtown tourist center. We formed a circle, held hands and a woman who clearly is a professional at prayer, led us through a two-minute request of God and Jesus Christ to keep us safe. He must have heard us.

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